This is an evolving list of some of the regular resources I use in my classroom and in managing my Functional Skills program.  I use the TEACCH method as one component of the day in our secondary classroom.  We use Applied Verbal Behavior as the basis for our lower functioning students with autism.  Their academic block is divided into one to one (Intensive Teaching) and Skillbuilders - which is independence training using the TEACCH method. 


Our students learn to follow the schedule, self-monitor when they need help and are finished, ask for help appropriately by raising their hands, and are maintaining skills which they have learned in their IT sessions such as matching, fine motor etc.  There is more to learning than simply following a schedule - We use Language for Learning in small groups, DT Trainer and Speech Teach during computer time as well as PE, art and music in larger groups.


Curriculum Resources:


Teaching Materials:


My Favourite Resource:

  • Dollar Giant - Now the Dollar Twenty-Five Giant -- still great for classroom supplies


Computer resources used for program management:


Resource in short supply:

  • More hours in the day


Visual Classroom Schedule

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My Library

I have compiled a list of many of my books in my personal library as a reference source to others.  I do read a lot of material online these days but still find books in print easier to carry around.  more ... 


Classroom/School Ecology Assessment 

My classroom is highly structured - the daily schedule is posted using Boardmaker pictures; student desks have name plates to show them where to sit; their academic and practical work is geared to their level of development. The school is clean and spacious. Students have their own lockers next to the classroom. Part of the school motto is accepting diversity in others and generally students with special needs are included in most activities.  more ...