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Please note that I am no longer actively maintaining this site.  I keep it for historical value.  Please visit my more current teacher site via the link to the left.  Feel free to contact me by email.

-- Jan

"Inclusion is not a substitute for a good education." -- Jan Palmer

Over 2000 photos to browse showing my teaching
activities in and out of the classroom. -- Jan Palmer

"I cannot emphasize enough the importance
of a good teacher." -- Temple Grandin

"One must, from time to time, attempt things that
are beyond one's capacity." -- Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach ...
we must teach in the way he can learn." -- Ivar Lovaas

"Students First. Then parents, teachers, and
support staff ... in that order." -- Jan Palmer

I particularly enjoyed going to your library page, because, even though you and I have not read all the same books, I know I would enjoy reading all the books on this page more ...

I just saw the link to your website in the ABAplusRDI yahoogroup. I am blown away by the quality and quantity of valuable information you have available. Congratulations on putting together more ...

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to see your program. It was great! Your passion for teaching & for your kids is very evident. They are lucky to have you. I was so impressed with more ...

I so appreciated the opportunity to visit your program. It is truly impressive! I could not believe how focused & on-task all of the students were more ...

Wow! I love what you are doing at Carson! I've had friends tell me I should work there and I've heard good things about your program but didn't know you had a VB program. What you have written makes me want to more ...

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the great opportunity to observe your classrooms and the classes. All I can say is that, you and your team have put in a lot of effort and dedication to have the program this organized more ...

I have students who arrive as old as age 18 with little or no skills. I would like to individualize their academics more using the ABA model but I am discouraged because my school district struggles more ...

I am very interested in the concept of using ABA in the classrooms. It is a very new concept to our school boards and could potentially make a huge difference if teachers could hear your approach. more ...

Can you provide me with some additional information on the high school ABA program? I'm interested in knowing whether there is a waitlist and also what are the qualifications of the staff involved more ...

I read that you track the kids goals based on the ABLLS. I am trying to improve how we track data in the program I work with. more ...



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